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November 1990


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index








Kat has been asking us at home to cut out different characters from books. She plays with them. This might be a way for her to learn to cut with scizors. She especially likes "Cinderella," "Peter Pan", "Bambi" "The Little Mermaid". She will say "cut " and name object to cut. Her new sign of dissatisfaction is spitting. She also learned how to skip for long distances. Her eye contact in improving at home. At a restaurant she put a finger on my mouth and said "shh quiet".



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Teacher: " Thanks Danuta for the popcorn & popcorn maker-that's very nice of you -Kat has been the "star" of morning circle & I have a hard time getting her away from the microphone. It seems to really motivate them- who knows- maybe we'll start our own WPDD radio show."


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11/19/90 Kat had a pretty good weekend. She has been playing with Briget's Precious Places house. She's been taking little people and acting out plays form "Peter Pan" singing "we can fly , we can fly"



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We are working at home to make Kat saya t least two words together. For example if she will say "Cinderella" we say "Cinderella Book" and she will repeat.


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