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August 1992


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index







Danuta ,

We observed two instances of Kat putting her hands over her ears - both in the AM at approx. 11 : 10 . Is she doing this a lot at home?

Thanks for sharing the photos w/ me - it's interesting to see exactly how the training is physically done & in what type of environment .



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8/4 Yes, she is covering her ears at home . Have you noticed an increase inthissince auditory training ?

The towel I am sending in does not belong to Kat . Kat had a towel with parrots on it . I believe this one is M.'s. What is Kat working on now academically ?

Danuta ,

Two towels are coming home today _ I think we finally have this beach trip stuff organized !

Kat did put her hands over her ears more today and yesterday - a total of 8 times.

I'll fill you in tomorrow about Kat's academics - sorry short on time -



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8/5 C. ,

Kat's Birthday is on Friday. Can I bring some thingsto celebrate ? What time ?


8/5 Danuta -

Absolutely bring in something for Friday ! She has been reminding us during calendar every day !

Incidence of ear covering was up again today esp. during computer. (she was consistently agitated ) She is using not only her fingers but also pressing her ear to her shoulder .

J. copied down Kat's work for today for you to look over - she will move on to the next computer lesson tomorrow with another word list , Reading is progressing & math should move up by the end of the week .

Thanks ,



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8/7 Hi. I tried to call Neeta School but there was no answer yesterday morning. Thank you for the information .



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8/11 The light blue towel w/ flamingo's belongs to Kte.


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8/12 C. , could you please move the blue towel to Kte.'s backpack.


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8/13 Hi Danuta -

I'm glad we were able to talk briefly today - we will continue to observe Kat in school for attending to people and hands over her ears . I'll be in touch -



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8/19 Danuta -

We don't have Kat's motebook here - I'm sorry - I was wondering what had happened to it as well . she did not have it on Friday incidentally .

I am getting a folder together for you - we'll send it home tomorrow .

Friday we are having an end-of-the -summer party _ lunch w/ be provided (Riviera's pizza & fruit salad - the children will make this) but could you please send in a drink for Kat ? THANKS!

How are you feeling ?We have been wondering -


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C. ,

Kat's notebook did not come home since Friday . Could you see if you can find it. Thank you



Danuta -

We've had some really exciting events with Kat the past two days which I know you'd like to hear about .

Tuesday C.R. played a game with all the children involving tossing throw pillows . Kat attended THRUOUT the entire activity - she laughed at the appropriate time , threw the pillow w/out being prompted , caught it when it was tossed - it was so exciting for all of us ! Her attention has improved this week esp. in singing ( she is participating AND doing the finger and hand movements) Today she asked on three separate occassions "I want to listen to some music please , please" after approaching a staff member - w/ eye contact. good news ! !


8/20 The mystery of the missing notebook has been solved. Bridget mistook it for her notebook.

Thank you for sharing those incidents with us. At home we are seeing some neet things also. Kat is seeking out her sister move . Yesterday was a first time that she initiated a chase game with Bridget. She stood behind Bridget and said " Ready , Set , Go " and when Bridget started to run she chased her all around the house.

She has been showing new interest in our pet . Since the trip to Oregon she has been trying to bring the dog upstairs to play with ( Our dog is not allowed upstairs ) .

We Hope to see more positives .

I got the note from the OT . I hope she could get in touch with the OT that Kat goes to on Monday mornings so that they could coordinate the therapy.

Have a nice vacation .


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8/21 9 AM

Dear Mrs. Highet _ Kat was kicked next to her R (right ear) this A.M. There was slight redness , but no swelling . Mrs. Ki.


Today is not Kat's day ! ! She lost her footing on the climber and bumped her R (right) shin on the bar. You will see some bruising & a hematoma. She had us to the area. I know you will keep an eye on it. See you in September.

Mrs. Ki.

One of the aides said that she also bumped her stomach in the accident.

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