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November 1992


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index







11/4 Kat had a lot of fun trickortreating and was congested this weekend . That's why I kept her home on Monday .

This weekend was a first time that she let Bridget work with her with reading flashcards !


PS . Did you get any Campbells labels (no - not yet) and stuff for school fund raiser (yes !)

11/4 Kat is doing well using sentences to say what she wants . S. & I are developing a new step to our social card game to increase play skills & language . I think Kat will like it .

Also - her handwriting is becoming very clear .


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11/9 Kat worked well w/ the new staff . We have a good team here ! They are learning quickly !


11/9 K. , can you send me some info of the changes you made to social skills game.



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11/10 Danuta -

Sure! The cards she is using now are w/ Kte. :

Give Kte. a snack

" drink

" hug

" toy

" tickle

We are developing new cards for play activities ; for example : The Barn Yard set

says things like

Give Kte. an animal

Make the cow talk

Give Horse a drink , etc .

This is very new . We only have baseline measures in this set .


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11/16 Hi,

Kat had a great weekend . On saturday she & I were going through a store catalog looking for toys for Christmas. Each time she picked a toy out I ripped it out of catalog . Then she asked for something that was not in the catalog , the Batman movie ". I wrote that on a piece of paper . she said " homework " and when I gave her the penny sheet she put "Batman movie " paper on top. She conned me into getting the movie .


11/16 Pretty smart !! Do you usethe work " Homework " w/ her? It's new she said that , too!!



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11/18 Yes , we call it homework . Any activities we do we call them homework and use the penny sheet. How is she doing with numbers at school? At home she is doing pretty well with recognition of written numbers 0 - 100 .


11/18 Dear Danuta -

Could you please send in the permission slip for the trip to Murphy's Market tomorrow _ Thanks !

Kat stopped playing today to tell me that it was raining . I said " What else? " and she said " Thunder ". She was very insistant that I talk to her about it ! !



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11/19 Please let me know if you could use help today at Murphy's . K. was there lightning & thunder ?

Kat really participates in songs like "Hokey Pokey "; Clap your hands , touch your toes . . . " , " Mulberry Bush " , does she do that at school ?

11/19 Dear Danuta -

Thanks for your offer - we were 1 - 1 so we were in good shape .

Kat was super at the store ; we had a tour which the kids all enjoyed ( produce, deli_, meat & dairy) and then each child took a basket and shopped for their particular item . Kat bought corn bread mix - she looked at the selection and found exactly what she needed w/ very minimal prompting - she then went to check -out ,paid , and bagged her purchase . The kids all received a gift bag from the store - cookies , candy cane and an apple .

A really good experience for all of us !



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11/20 Hi , Kat did something neat . She asked for a movie we did not have . She pointed to the " Christmas Eve on Sesame Street " book , made me read Eve and rest the rest and added " movie" at the end . She worked for it after I wrote that on a piece of paper . After she finished her work she put her shoes on and was ready to go to store to get it ! (We got the movie )


She'll have you back soon ! It's great problem - solving in her part!

Could you send in a couple of movies for Sat . ? Thanks !


11/20/92 Hi , In the progress report there was a sheet " Progress " from May last year. is there a new one ?

PS. Kat wanted cookies I asked her how many , and prompted her "one " she started to say one two three and then suddenly said ten ! I think she's getting the concept !


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11/24 Danuta -

This morning after eating her snack , Kat was looking out the window at a squirrel and watched for a good while (20 - 30 sec.) . When S. asked her what she was looking at , she said , " Squirrel " !

Happy Thanksgiving!


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11/30 Hope everyone Thanksgiving was as fattening as ours . I enclosed the # chart I use with Kat if you like it I'll make one for the class . Kat is aware of expressions she can make happy, sad , angry , surprised face if you ask her "Make _______ face " .


She's quite an actress !! Thanks for # sheet


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