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February 1994


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index







2/1 I'd like to see category drill ( hope we did it ok )

2/1 I had to change the SD in Category drill . I will see you at 12:30


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2/3 Thanks for having me yesterday I am very excited to work with you all , and seeing you all excited about this as we are was great . Call me anytime a question comes up. I can stop by and if Iam out of town , Tom will pick it up as well . Our house number 555 - 5555 and Toms work # 444 - 4444 .

Everyone felt your presentation ws extremely helpful ! Thank you , again for your help! We didn't do many drills because our interns were gathering materials for the drills .



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2/4 A lot of the drills do not require any additional materials . I am having tough time trying to get material for oppositesaswell !


P.S. Please try and remember the 1 line note after each drill


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2/7 Kat worked hard this weekend Friday & Saturday she was very agitated but Sunday went pritty smoothly. Colors were moved to maintenance and community helpers are in their place . I will be gone until Friday , but please feel free to call Tom if you have any questions. Thanks


2/7 I feel we did well today . I'm certain we'll get better as we go along . Looking forward to it Df (D.F.)

2/7 Hi -

A really GREAT first day w/ assistant ( after a false start last week) !


2/7 Worked with Kat last night. Was very cooperative and accomplished alot. She's doing very well on category drill. ( Just a reminder. ) After drills are worked on at school , a note on note book pages will help me know what took place and where she stands for when I work with her on same drill at home. Yesterday it looks like almost 20 drills done but I am not sure what took place on some since no notes were written .

Thanks ,


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2/8 - Sorry about notes after drills. This was D.'s 1st day &we will see to it the notes get done as part of each drill .

- We need Kat's old report card returned . Report cards will come out Friday

- Preposition Expressive -All mastered , what should be introduced next .


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2/10 Re/Verbs Present Tense - when new items are introduced , could you share the photos or drawings . We could copy them or match. Sometimes our selection is incomplete . This would help us expand quicker & meet Kat's needs



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2/14 I have enclosed verbs /present tense copies of cards we are using. If you could go through non - mastered verbs , I can make copies of those you need. I am also enclosing copies for drill #17 community helpers .

For drill #5 (categories)every item has room for 2dates next to it. The top is when introduced and the bottom is when mastered.

2/14 Hope my notes are better today . She did well - Let me know if I'm still forgetting notes - Thanks df ( D.F.)


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2/15 Kathy ,

I still have not heard from St. so howabout if we reschedule for another day. I'll let you know when he calls.


2/15 Missing store clerk for Community Helper drill . Could you please copy Thanks

Also - some opposites & verbs present tense( we can copy those picture )

Can we try for Thurs evening ?



P.S. I just love the T-shirt !! It's really neat !

2/15 the opposites require 3 dimensional objets

Thursday is ok ! What time ?


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2/16 We had a really productive day w / drills today - K. is wowing everyone ! !


2/16 Hi,

For opposites we cant use cards or pictures we have to use three dimensional objects , we are have a tough time finding these as well , I'm hoping St. will give us more guidance on Monday when he comes over .

Everyone is doing great with notes !


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2/17 Today at recess Kat requested a game whenwe asked the whole group what they wanted to do next !! She asked for Musical Chairs ( a game she used to cry when we played). She also is very fond of Eml. ( a 1st grade volunteer) and often initiates her actions w/ her



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2/18 Can you send math drill book Tues. We'll send it home that evening .

8/18 Did good in music . Hands were quiet & listened . Didn't sing much because songs were not in the song book but liked listening to the other children. Kat liked dancing to the freeze dance & froze when the other kids did .

2/18 Kat seemed a little frustrated and angry this afternoon . nothing alarming just not as happy as I'm used to. She got much happier as we went on - df


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2/21 St. came over and went over all the drills . There are new drills and some changed or moved to maintanence . 19 of 30 do not require any additional materials . If you have any questions please call Tom or I .


P.S. Kat will not make it to sleep over camp. Do we need to pick her up earlier ?


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2/23 I kept Kat home because of the weather. K., the pronouns receptive I took chin and neck out and put them under labels , she has to learn what they are before we can use them .



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2/24 New Interns( Rowan ) today wondering & watching ! Kat did anice job helping train them ! !



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2/25 Did well but seemed somewhat frustrated all day . The left eye seemed lazy all day long even crossing - Just never noticed before



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2/28 Kat was very excited today . She seemed a little on edge. Anything unusual at home ? D.




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