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March 1995


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index







3/1 Hi , E. ?

could you read note from 2/27

Hi ,T. ? The dictionary word you pick out of the list of words in the binder. give Kat the dictionary and askher to find that word ( she may need help ) Kat copies the word and the definition from the dictionary . I put a sample in her folder


Hi ! I'm back ! I spoke with T. & she said all went well . I sat and explained " our morning ", from p/u to going home & she was amazed at how much she has changed ! I won't be here tomorrow , so I also went over the computer class routine w/ her . We are on our way to library now .

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3/2 Hi T.

Kat brought her binder over today and peaked inside her surprise bag . I asked her ifI should put raisins in it and she said a distinct NO! I asked her what she wanted and she said a book. I hope E. explained to you about happy faces. Whenever you catch her doing something right sittingquietly orworking great you reward her with a smiley face when she gets all faces she gets her surprise bag .


PS Please Call if you have any questions

3/2 Wow! What a computer wiz . How self-sufficient and capable she is. It's amazing to watch her line up , walk to and from the computer lab and work independently . There was some real nice interaction with P. and C., also.

Thanks for the information . We had some quiet singing and quiet silly talk and when I made a move to wipe a smiley face she said " Nomore silly talk " .

Another great day !


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3/3 Hi Danuta - Ihear everything went fine yesterday. I spoke w/ T. & she said Kat was super. Today I'm noticing her "self stimming " every 3-4 minutes ( putting her finger in her ear & singing .) She's also stopping her work- she's also not concentrating or focusing . She'll start , stop , look , put her finger in her ear & then I'll tell her to work . Sometimes she'll stop , look around , bounce , stare ahead stretch , smile & then get back to work on her own . (9 : 10 - 9 : 25 )

Interesting note - when I handed her her 1st set of worksheets, she looked through them as she normally does , & pulled out the addition sheet 0 - 5 & handed it to me , but didn't say anything . I said , " Let's just hold onto this & do it later , OK ? " so she took it back & did it 1st ! ! Believe it or not, she completed it in about 5 minutes w/out any mistakes , The same w/ the rest of the math papers. She did not count out loud at all, except on the paper that had boxes . This would indicate to me that she knows her facts w/out the use of counters. (0-5) Congratulations to her & all of you ! !

It's now 9 : 45 & the "self - stimming " has lessened up somewhat . Sheis now on her 2nd group of worksheets & doing just fine , while the rest of the class is taking a reading test .

I have noticed that some of her HW papers are getting sloppy . Do you want me to correct her ; have her erase them & write the words over again ? Let me know, ok ?

The 2nd add . facts 0 - 5 2+ took quite a bit longer to complete . She would do a few problems , stop , look around , play w/ her pencil , etc ( all quiet things ) & then get back to her work . It looks as if she gets overwhelmed at ever finishing , & this is her way of saying - " Whew ! " So many addition problems ! Will I ever finish them ? I timed her( to myself ) & it took her 8 mins to complete it . But that doesn't mean anything at all . It's just to let you know how long its taking her . what matters is that they are all correct ! !

On one of her HW papers , I did make her slow down & it turned out neater .

A super day ! Next Wed - I think is OK ! Have a good weekend .



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3/4 Hi I put some new sheets (addition) in her work sheets . If she makes an error do not correct her , we will look these over and identify the ones she has problems with and work on those facts more . It's sort of a test for our info to work with her more at home. It would help if you could mark the incorrect ones but I'll understand if you do not have the time .

Thank you Danuta

PS I would like to stop in



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3/6 Danuta is out of town today. We will work on phasing out counters on worksheets for addition 0-5. Didn't have time this morning but we will try to do that this week .


Hi ! A very uneventful day . Oops! She went looking in the bag for her surprise & it was empty ! If you don't have a surprise for her, write me & let me know & this way I won't pull the surprise bag out , ok ! Or if you want , you can leave it home. Have a great day !



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3/7 E.,

That was funny since we did putthe surprise in but Kat musthave takenit out on the bus since it was in her book bag ! I tried to hide it better this time but if they keep dissapearing I will bring them in to school for you to put in .

I will stop in tomorrow on Thursday whichever is better for you .


Good morning ! Either tomorrow or Thursday is fine - Wed @ 9 : 50 is library , & Thurs @ 9:10 is computers, your choice !

We are going to an assembly @ 9 : 30 - 10 : 30 . I'm taking the happy face sheet w/ me ! I believe we are going to listen to a "chinese storyteller " w/ audience participation. She was unbelievable ! Fantastic behavior ! she sat & listened just like the other children for a whole hour . And each time she looked at me she gave me a great big smile . I'll tell you more when I see you .



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3/8 Hi,

The assembly sounds wonderful. I guess the library skills are carrying over to other areas . I will stop in tomorrow to observe the computers . Have you heard anything about the possibility of videotape?


Hi ! As of yet , no one has given me an answer but I will ask again today . So far a very good morning ( 9 : 30 ) . By the way - she zipped through the math papers ! Super in library today . See you tomorrow.



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3/9 Hi E.,

I was truly impressed with what you did with computers. Maybe the next step would be to sit her with other children and make her work as independently as possible .

Since she knows time enough to follow a schedule maybe written instructions of what she has to do and start fading out direct supervision? But she may not be read for that. What do you think ?



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3/10 Good morning ! Kat seems fine today ; a little talkative but " happy " ! I will start w/ the written computer instructions on Monday - we have some free time then . Once she masters that , then I think she'll be able to go & work independently in the computer room w/ me just helping out. Does that sound OK?

Have a nice weekend !


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3/13 Hi ! Hope you all had a great weekend ! Kat was super today ! She completed all her worksheets perfectly . I had her read some of her worksheets to me & she read beautifully. All in all a fabulous day behavior wise .


* Kat hung up her bookbag today &we had a very hard time finding it since there are about 5 other bags just like hers! Did you send in a special pencil box ? She says NO !

Is this bag hers ? Let me know - Thanks . Nevermind ! - I found her name under the top ! Whew !

3/13 Ellen,

Pink Pencil box is in Kat's bookbag . Will be adding some new worksheets today. Let me know how she makes out with them. ok !

Hi ! No problem w/ any of the worksheets . However Kat did have alot of very loud outbursts this morning . She would just shout out nonsense words & then self correct herself w/ " No more SillyTalk . "

The rest of the morning was fine !


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3/15 Good Morning ! Kat forgot her library book so you'll have to send it in tomorrow . I believe she has " Aladdin " . Another great day !



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3/16 " Aladdin " is in her book bag . Hopefully this weekend Danuta & I can go through her worksheets and add some new skills and reduce # of repititions on skills she has mastered.


Hi - back in class - The rest of the AM was fine - nothing unusual or out of the ordinary . She's a good worker . Shealso got a new library book today .


Good Morning , I'm back for a little while . We are all excited about the music and it would be great it once you're there you could let us know if we can work on any skills at home to help her out . Good luck ! If it's ok I will tryto come in to observe next week?



Good Morning !

When Danuta and I last spoke, we though that having Kat go to music would be the next goal for her. She will be going with the same 2nd grade class as library. They have music on Friday, 10:10 to 10:55. However, since her bus comes at 10:30, she will only be in the class for 20 minutes. This might be a good way to introduce her to music class. Mrs. d.C. spoke with J.R. and he agreed. She then spoke with the music teacher and she is eagerly awaiting Kat's arrival !

I spoke with Mrs. M. and this morning to find out exactly what the 2nd graders are doing in music. This week they are learning 2 dances with partners; 1 of them being the "Irish Jig". Of course I can be her partner, but maybe another child in the class would volunteer. (I'm sure they would!) They will be learning more dances next week: the minuet, shoefly dance and possibly a polka. She plans on teaching them "A-B dance forms" for a few weeks. I will try to always keep you informed of the lesson plans.

Let me know what you think; maybe we'll start her tomorrow if you want! Please write and let me know. If not, then should we count on her going to music next week? Let me know that also

She did a SUPER job in computers this morning. She worked independently on her touch typing program, while I sat next to her and typed this. I helped her get started getting into the program, but once the screen came up, she took off on her own! We'll keep working!

Have a great day !


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Hi ! By the way - did you happen to see the note from the school ? It seems they need to see her birth certificate or a copyof one . She worked well this AM before music . The boys like asking her questions : what is your dict word , what's todays date , etc . But she won't look at them when they call her name . What can I do to help? I hold her chin & " point " her in their direction & then she answers them ( sometimes) but more often than not , she ignores them until I prompt her verbally . Maybe when you come in next week we'll discuss it & you show me what to do . She is "flying " through her worksheets here ! As an added bonus , we sat in on a visit from a " Native American " w/the 2nd grade. She sat quietly for 10 mins & was super . Now we're at music & she has her own desk . We listen to the song "Built My Lady a Fine Brick House ." The children were told when to clap & I prompted her . She did fine ! The 2nd time she did it by herself . She & I did a "dance " w/ some other children ; we were the 1st group . She had a ball ! We were in a circle , walked 4 steps in in 4steps back , jumped in , jumped out, & swing your partner . We did this 3 times & we had fun . I think this is going to be a winner !

Have a great weekend !


After our turn , we watched the other groups & she smiled & clapped .


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3/22 Hi Kat had a low grade fever for couple of days but she seems ok wow .

We are all excited about music. hope she falls back into swing of things .


Good Morning ! - When I picked her up this AM & asked "how are you this morning ?" She replied , " I feel happy ! " & showed off a huge grin .

I have enclosed a permission slip for the field trip . You said you & Kat were members, so I'm not sure how you can work out the price . Maybe you can call them or meet the bus there .

On the sequence paper , I went over w. her what is happening in each one, & she was able to answer the questions I asked - & in good sentences ! I put a happy face on that page. She is zipping through these papers . Everything OKin library .


* Just a note - while we were in library - the children were sitting on the floor waiting for Mrs. Ro. to begin . I was in back of the group, speaking with Mrs. H. & Kat turned around to find me. I smiled & waved & she smiled & waved back ! She has never waved back to me before ! I was so excited !Does she wave back to you ? She was a little fidgity in library & kept "gasping ", as if she was surprised. What doesthat mean, if anything ?

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3/23 Hi ,

The sigh & look is to remind you that she deserves a smiley face. She started to do this with Melissa. She sometimes asks for fre smile face. Melissa will try and get her to stop. I would like to come over tomorrow if its ok .


PS she is now adding 0 to6

Hi ! Yes tomorrow will be fine . We go to Music @ 10:10 so you can see her there if you want .

Today in computers Kat reached down & unplugged the computer when I went to the back of the room .Luckily nothing happened to herorthe computer, but it could have been a dangerous situation w/ her under the table near a plug . I spoke to her and told her NO , that it was very dangerous &that she could get hurt , & never do it again . She just sat & looked at me . I plugged it back in & started her back in the typing program . After that all went well . The computer teacher was astonished & asked " WHY "? "Doesn't she know not to do that ?" I answered her as best I could . Hopefully , it won't happen again !

The rest of the morning was uneventful . We saw a few people in the hall this AM, & they all said " Hello " to her . She answered Hello , A. to everyone! Each time I corrected her to just say " Hello", & sometimes she repeated , " just say hello " ! I'm trying to get her to say "hi" or "hello " to anyone who greets her. Sometimes she ignores them completely & then I will prompt her . By the way , who is A.? ? Wow , whata super surprise today ! ! You should have seen her face ! See you tomorrow.


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Hi ! The parent group took this picture of us at the Halloween parade. I thought you'd might like to keep it. Have a nice weekend!


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Hi thank you for letting Tom come in the classroom. We enjoyed the music class . It looks like she will have fun there. I sent in pages for journal writing in place of writing the date . she draws a pictureof the weather & writes date, Weather andwhat holiday is coming . At home we also started How do you feel but she may notbeable to spell how she feels yet.


PS Thank you for thepicture.

Hi! Everything was fine today. Kat did a ton of work & I had the girls check it . She hadasuper day ! I like the "new"journal .


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