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April 1996


This daily correspondence between schools she attended and us gives you a glimpse of our daily life. Most parents of typical children do not communicate on daily basis with the teachers. This gives a reader an insight to how important daily communication is for a child with autism.

Kat has attended school since she was 3 years old. These are school notes that were result of correspondence with her parents and her teachers. We have made comments at a later date reflecting back on the impact of these events. Kats School Notes Index







I think one of the girls lastweek might have left her necklace could you ask L. , B.C., A:


Good morning ! A little "jumpy" during rehearsal . No singing - we're just working on her standing still & being quiet. She likes to listen to all the children sing ; she smiles & is happy / excited to be included . Outside for recess was fine . Back in class she's working on journal - having a hard time - keeps stopping & silly talking . I read where Melissa had her go to the board & do a mathproblem ; I didn't realize that she could do something like that , so I tried the same thing today - the children were involved in a math game & I had hergo to the board & told her to write 7 - 5 ; - she didn't so C. said she wrote it on the board for her on Friday . So C. wrote the problem 7 - 5 & I verbally asked her & she answered 3 . I said NO, 7 minus 2 is ? she again whispered 3 . So I said NO - 7 - 5 is 2 . She repeated 2 . I asked C. how it was done on Friday & she said she wrote it for Kat & Melissa asked her the problem (turns out it was the same one ! ! ) & Kat wrote the correct answer . We'll try it again & see if she gets better . NO one claimed the necklace . Have a good day.


* quite a bit of stimming & silly talk today . Out loud w/ finger in her ear.

Monday !!

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For math on the board you may try some easier math addition through 10 until she gets used to it, subtraction is newer to her . Because of holiday we will not have a party this week.



Hi ! Rehearsal today was OK. Some jumping . Also on the "Thank you" song - she sings itgreat - but at the end she yells "Thank you" &throws her arms up. The Thank you part is OK but the arms have to go ! A. tried to help by putting her handon her arm but she still raised them up . Oh well - if that's the worst of it we'll keep it if it makes her happy ! ! Otherwise everythings OK . If you would liketo come & see the rehearsal - just stop in the gym @ 9 : 15 , OK ? She's having some difficulty following through on the writing journal . She starts and stops & seems to be confused w/the times .

Today all she wanted was to write over & over - at 10:30 I go home ! Not much chance for her to do worksheets . The journal took longer than usual . Gave her 2 math sheets - she stopped & started w/ each one . She didn't get right to work as usual. Maybe it's " Spring Fever ? " Have a good day & maybe I'll see you tomorrow .


Hi, I know the journal is tough to work on but she did something great today. She generalized from the journal . I ask her eachday what she did and she used the word " will " which hasn't been workedon much outside ofthe journal. She has been sillier and i s talking alot more at home aswell .

PS I'll be there at 9:15 .


Hi ! Back in class she said "Mrs. L. can I havea hug" & then said "Iam happy!

Reminder - Rehearsal on Mon Apr. 15th @ 9:15 in the gym . See you there! Have a great week !


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Hi Ellen , hopeyouhad a nice break . Kat worked through mostof hers. You can ask her what movieshesaw April 12. (ans. James & the Giant Peach ) . And say Tell me about James someof the stuff in it , ladybug grasshopper, spider, scary rhinocerous and New York City . I'll see you later.


Hi ! A good morning back in the classroom . She worked quietly , although alittle slowly . Next week are the C.A.T. Tests starting on Monday & continuing to at least Thursday. I'm not sure about Friday yet. Remember we spoke about keeping Kat @ home during the testing . They are not given the same times each day . I marked it down on her new April calendar. Have a good day !


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Hi , Elleen , Yesterday when it was 12:00 Kat said to Melissa " it's 12 o 'clock" . Melissa said ' What is it time for" . Kat "It's time to go to school for lunch and recess" Melissa said not on Monday. Kat had big crocodile tears come out . She was really sad. I was wondering if next week you could find out the exact schedule of Cat tests so that maybe she could make it in at least part of the time .



Good Morning ! It's great to hear she's right on her schedule! Here's the times of the specials & CATS. You can bring her in M - T - W for lunch & recess & on TR & F come in @ 10:45 for Art & Gym then lunch & recess.

Tests are :

M - 9 -1030 , T - 9 - 11, W - 9 - 11

TH - 9 -1030, F - 9 - 1030

Specials on MTW are in a large group - probably the whole 4th grade w/be outside or in the gym. I should have written yesterday for you to still come in for lunch, even though she won't be here in the AM.

Note :Next Friday, 4/26 I won't be here as I'm going to an inclusion workshop . So Melissa w/ be on her own on Friday @10:45! Any problems let me know . Journal today - she wrotethe day , date & what she will have for lunch byherself w/ out any prompts ! The rest I asked her questions - weather, what did you do , wait ! ! She finished writing -sat for a few seconds while I was writing & all ofa sudden said - At 10:00 I will go for a walk & wrote it down. Hooray ! ! Not much time to do work - we celebrated my birthday w/ the class & had munckins . A great day !


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I'll see you later.


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Hi, Ellen, She did great ! I was petrified through the whole show but she did great. The way the seating worked out she wound up in the middle of stage in the first row! I could not monitor what she did at all. The kidswere great but all by themselves ! Especially A. & C. they had her under control . We still have to work a little on stage presence but that 's nothing. I could not see her from the front but Tom & Bridget saw her. Tom could not believe it. Big success thanks to all your hard work !


PS The arms did go up at the end of thank song but it did not matter.

The moment I walked in today, everyone stopped me &told me how wonderful she behaved last night ! I knew she could do it ! !, although I admit, at the beginning I had my doubts ! She is really amazing , you know ? I had to laughing reading your note - you were petrified ! ! & A. told me about the arms going up also , but the kids all joked about it . I know Kat must have enjoyed herself & been very , very proud, as allof you must have been !

I've enclosed a permission slip for the 4th grade class trip . I will be going this year ! so I can be w/ Kat if that's all right w/ you . I wouldlike tohave you join us on thistrip, or will she be OK w/ just me ? * Let me know ASAP OK ? They will be at Penns Landing 1st &then take the ferry@ 10:15 to the Aquarium & they'll be there until 2:15. Lunch w/ be @ 1:15 . They have a scavenger hunt planned also. If theweather's nice we'll beeating much earlier as we'll be outside on the deck. If it's rainining , we're inside .* As far as being a chaperone , like you were last year , there are too many room mothers so you would probably have to pay for yourself also . ( Someone goofed !) Sorry ! You &I would have Kat and a group of children - just like last year . It's entirely up to you - I'd love for you to come & I'll take care of her if you're not there . Just let me know if you're interested & available & I'll let the office know & get the Tylenol ! ! She had a great morning ! !


P.S. She owes a library book : " Book of Christmas Carols " by Tommie De Paola

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Hi Ellen I probably will not be able to go , but it would be great if you took her .

Good morning ! I have the permission slip but didn't find the money so I'll send it back so you can keep it together. A good morning in Art . She must have told me 10times that it's 10:00 ! Off for a walk !

Kat had another excellent morning in school . In gym , she played hockey and that was quite a challenge - but no tears ! Itook time to explain " Listening to Conversation"to Ellen. She will try it at school . We tried it with Kat in the library so that we could practice. See you on Monday ! Havea nice weekend .


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Hi ! Well back to normal ! She's a little sing - songey this AM . Off to gym . Did great - played hockey & "pillow polo". Some resistance w/ hockey - but she was fine . Journal writing was almost by herself ! She wrote " I feel sad because I am crying . " She wasn't crying at all. She said - NO kick the ball - then she wrote it. Maybe she doesn't like the hockey - it might scare her . She's working fine now - no problem w/ the worksheets . See if you can find out if anything is bothering her.

A good day.


* Great job on counting the money !

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Good morning . So far she's much quieter than yesterday . You must be away ! There's no reply & W/S haven't been changed or added . Her coloring today seems to be sloppy & haphazard . She rushed through a paper &then became upset when I had her fixit . Also - she kept humming even though repeated attempts to quiet her failed . I erased 1 happy face, then 30 sec. later put my finger on her mouth , & then 30 sec later, I pointed to the happy faces & she finally stopped! Gave her back a smiling face after 35 - 40 sec of her being quiet & praised her .She Began working quietly again , soI gave her a smiling face & more verbal praise . ( Children were taking a math test while she was humming ! ) She's now zipping through her math w/s. & keeps turning & looking at the clock , waiting & hoping for 10:00 to come around quickly . Did you take her watch home ? I've looked around & can't find it , but I'll ask the children if they've seen it.


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