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From speaking engagements to volunteer work and walk-a-thons, Kat is always promoting equality for people of all abilities. You can become an Ambassador for Abilities too!

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Ambassador for Abilities

Kat and her family are promoting this important message to groups at school and organizations and share their story of life with autism. If you are interested in having them speak at your event please contact:

or by mail: Kat's Cafe - "Ambassador for Abilities", P.O. Box 910, New Smyrna Beach, FL32170

Please include: Date and time of your event, your name and phone number, name of your organization, and the purpose of the event.

Anyone can be an ambassador for abilities. A child in preschool, a student in college, a co-worker, a company, an organization or a stranger on the street. To be an ambassador you need to:

1-st STAR Act in a way that helps recognize each person as an individual and see their potantial and possibilities
2-nd STAR Act in a way that helps include everyone in the schools, work and play activities
3-rd STAR Act in a way that celebrates differences
4-th STAR Act in a way that recognizes the need to help those who may have difficulties to help them grow
5-th STAR Act in a way that recognizes that beauty is on the inside of every person

Katherine has been working hard to try and promote "Ambassador for Abilities" so that others may become "Ambassadors for Abilities" whenever opportunities arise.

Kat's Movie

Kat has made it her mission to share her story with others. Kat today is not the result of a miracle, but the result of her hard work and the work of many people who believed in her and still do. Kat and her family want to share their story to help inspire others.

Autism Story: A Personal Account of a Young Woman's life with Autism.
Her Struggles and Triumphs continue...

Kat was diagnosed with autism at age 2 1/2 in 1989. Today Kat is 36 years old. Her struggles and triumphs have impacted many people and especially her family and friends. We have created this page to share our story with everyone, with a hope that it will inspire others to help their child with autism. Leran More...